Why I Love Food – Rosario Sartore

In the second part of a little video series we are creating, we met up with chef and proprietor of the Italian restaurant Locanda de Gusti, Rosario Sartore, to find out where his passion for food originated from and why he loves food.

Rosario is a passionate chef from Naples who talks about coming from a big family – which is not uncommon for Italians – but he also talks about having the privilege of coming from a poor background where food was a luxury. Unlike today where he says his kids open drawers and cupboards and there is plenty of snacks and food, when Rosario was growing up he did not have that luxury. So food was something treasured, and like all poor Italian families, the food would have been the basics, or the cheaper cuts of meat, but cooked in the most fantastic way. Ironically, it is that pheasant style cooking which is so popular today and people pay the most money for.

We loved meeting up with Rosario and getting to know him and his restaurant, check out the video to find out more.