The Homecoming – Islay 2015

One of the biggest videos to date that Immagine has taken on. We teamed up with our friends at Connect Communications and The Scotch Malt Whisky Society to undertake the video production of the inaugural ‘Tour de Islay’ event taking place on Islay. A journey that would see us filming a motorbike leaving from the peaceful town of Kilbarchan just outside Paisley, to handing over a bottle of special edition whisky to an Islander who took us across to Islay on his rib boat, to sitting out the back of a van filming the cyclists as they endured all seasons on the island. It truly was a fantastic video to be apart of. The cyclists would tour the island stopping off at all 8 whisky distilleries along the way. There they would get their brevet card stamped, and continue on to the final stop. After that, it was a quick change to then head to the party that was happening at Islay House, and where the whisky bottle we took over from Glasgow would be opened and tasted by the cyclists.

These are just a few snaps from my phone and from the video,We spent a total of 4 days on the journey – 3 of which were spent in a tent in a field along with a bunch of whisky pilgrims who had made there way over to the island for the whisky festival. We then captured all the footage we needed to get, trying out different shots. The island lends itself to great cinematography, the beautiful landscapes, the waterfronts, everything about it was great. It was all about capturing that and turning it into an exciting video.

Whilst we were filming on the island, we met the Scottish band, Skerryvore, and after talking to them about our project, the kindly allowed us to use one of their tracks as the music for our video. The song is great. It’s upbeat and punchy, but it also keeps it Scottish, and that was very important to the client. The Scotch Malt Whisky society isn’t just Scottish based, it has a worldwide demographic, so to keep everything Scottish boded very well.

After a few back and forth edits, and a sit down with heads of the society, the video was finished and it was put out to the world.

This is the video that we produced. I love it, the client loves it and everyone who has watched it has loved it.