Mark Greenaway – Perceptions

We have been working with Edinburgh chef Mark Greenaway on a variety of projects over the past few years, and this was one of the more interesting ones. Mark is bringing out a book in the summer of 2016 entitled ‘Perceptions’. It is a cookbook showing how to do recipes from his kitchen and restaurant. Mark is known for his fine dining experience and his spectacular looking plates.

Mark came and showed us a couple of ideas he had, and we took them on board and created this video below.

Mark Greenaway ‘Perceptions’ from Immagine Productions on Vimeo.


We set up a black room with just one light, and with the use of the slow motion on the Sony FS7 we were able to capture a variety of interesting shots. We splattered food onto a black perspex board, smashed up food, deep fried leaves to get a reaction from the oil. It was very interesting to work on.

The video was then editing together with photos from Copper Mango and pages from Mark’s book. Mark loved the video and all the feedback we have had has been great.