Lothian Motorcoaches

One of the benefits of working alongside an ever growing client like Lothian Buses, is being able to capture their progress on film. One of their latest ventures is the massive investment into motorcoaches, and the new tours they will be offering.

We were tasked with going along for the ride on a couple of the tours, to try and create a short social media video that could be used to help sell the tours for them, and to also showcase what can be on offer for them.

We went into the project a little blinded as we weren’t able to recce any of the locations due to the short time we had from agreeing to do the project, to actually filming it. However, that being said we were able to capture as much as we could – which involved a boat ride on Loch Lomond, whisky tasting at Great Grouse to many castles and palaces.

The client asked for Scottish music to appeal to their wider demographic market.

Here is what we produced for them