My Life, My Death, My Choice Campaign video

The Assisted Suicide Bill is something that sparks a lot of conversation and debate amongst people. Should a human being have the right to terminate their life if that life becomes too unbearable due to an illness. For this video we were approached to create a short campaign video that would go live and circulate around social media to help raise awareness about the Bill before it went to Parliament.

A lot of time and planning went into this video about where to film, the style and who should feature in the video. We decided that a neutral backdrop and in black and white would work best. Our thinking behind this was we do not want to take anything away from the key messages that are being said. So the video would be in black and white but we would have key messages popping up in colour.

We hired a little studio space and set up for two days of filming. We interviewed a wide range of people who were very passionate about the subject – ministers, humanitarians, MSP’s and lawyers. This is what they had to say.


The video was highly received and the client loved what we produced for them. Given it was a very delicate subject, we were very happy to be apart of the video and to help raise awareness of this Bill.