We were commissioned by Marketing Edinburgh to help with the launch of the #Edinburgh24 campaign. The company wanted to make a mash up of activities that could be done in Edinburgh in a 24 hour period. The videos were primarily for social media use. We produced 24 short 15 second clips that went onto their Facebook and Twitter profiles, to encourage people to Edinburgh to share what they were doing at that time. Every hour a new video would come out. Such examples were having a coffee at one of Edinburgh’s many great coffee spots, or watching a concert at the castle, enjoying an afternoon tea at the Balmoral. The clips were to be filmed in a ‘rough round the edges’ way. They didn’t want it to be too professional. So this meant us going handheld for a lot of shots and not using sliders or professional audio equipment – which was great in some respects as it took added pressure off.¬†After we had finished filming all 24 clips we were then asked to combine the clips into a short montage video.

With the brief being only to shoot things hand held, when it came to pulling the main video together, there were gaps in transitions. So they spoke to other videographers in Edinburgh who lent us their material. We acquired timelapses and general Edinburgh City Centre shots from generous videographers, which all in all help the video pull together really nicely.

This campaign was great for us to work again with Marketing Edinburgh. We have built a very strong relationship with them, which is key to Immagine.