Edinburgh Restaurant Festival 2015

It was a great honour to be brought back in to work with Essential Edinburgh and this year’s Edinburgh Restaurant Festival. We had produced the videos for last year, so we were very familiar with the format and the expectation. Last year we focused on the chefs in the kitchen, where this year they wanted to focus more on the produce. The 3 chefs that would be filmed this year would be Mark Greenaway, Craig Hart and Paul Wedgwood.

For Mark’s video, we were sent down to Eyemouth to film Mark and his shellfish supplier. Mark was making a crab dish for the event, so what better way to celebrate the Crab than by seeing where exactly Mark would be getting his crabs from. We were given access to the factory to see all the shellfish that is on offer in Scotland. We then went back to Mark’s kitchen to film him pulling the dish together.

For Craig’s video, we filmed the chef at the Edinburgh Farmer’s Market where he would be collecting a lot of the fresh produce that would be used in his dish. We then took those ingredients back to his kitchen where we filmed the dish being created and brought together.

For Paul’s video, Paul was using a lot of fresh fruit and herbs which were all being foraged locally. Paul is a keen forager, so we took to the outskirts of Edinburgh to find out more about foraging and to see what herbs would be getting used in the dish. After we collected our herbs and fruit, Paul then combined all the ingredients together.